Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S, 2010

On a daily basis, many people look for various types of boats to invest their money on their own. To make your job easier, offers you more than 30,000 boats, yachts or sailboats on a website that is easy to access and use.

Among the boats we offer is the 2010 Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S. It is in perfect condition and has always been stored in a covered garage, which means that it has not suffered any consequences due to solar exposure.

Characteristics of Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S
It has a Yamaha low hours 55 lb Minn Kota V2 mounting drive motor, pilot arc and remote for co-pilot. In addition, it enjoys sufficient storage space due to its size.

If you are fond of fishing and are looking for a boat to do this activity, without doubt, the Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S, 2010, is your ideal choice. This is because it incorporates a screen capable of searching for fish in the sea, totally accurate and high technology.

The deck of the boat is made to measure and also covers the engine. So it will not suffer any damage due to rain or other external agents that may affect it.

If you are interested in this boat you can buy it for the price of 14,089.50 euros. In we recommend you to take advantage of the great offer of 10%, on the contrary, the boat could cost you 15.655 euros.

Do not miss this opportunity, the yacht Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S is one of the newest boats available on our website (year 2010), is in perfect condition, is very well cared for and has no bumps or scratches. Also, due to its good maintenance, it looks practically like new. It is one of the few boats that has a technological screen.

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