Abacus 61

Many of us love sailing. That’s why it’s no wonder that if we have the resources we want to get our own means of shipping, either buy it or rent it.

Therefore, this time we are going to talk about how renting Abacus 61 yacht, one of our best boats, because in Barracuda Ibiza we only have best models, at the most competitive prices and meet the highest standards of quality.

You should know about Abacus 61

What is Abacus 61 power yacht?

It is a yacht offered on our website and has the capacity to accommodate about 10 people. It is a luxury boat, which includes a second floor and the best of LED lighting.

What is this yacht for?

The Abacus 61 is very good for open sea, but you should be aware that you will only be able to store enough instruments, food and fuel to sail for no more than a week.

Number of cabins.

In the marine world of boats, rooms are called cabins. The main cabin has a King Size bed and has a flat screen TV with DVD included and a private bathroom.

The second room is a VIP cabin with a double bed with music devices and another bathroom. And the last cabin is double, with two single beds, with music devices and a common bathroom.

Key facts.

Its length is eighteen metres and 66 centimetres, its beam is exactly five metres and its year of creation is 2006. In addition, its engine type is 2 x CAT 1050 and 1 x Mase 75 kW.

On the other hand, its consumption is 250 liters per hour of navigation, reaching a cruising speed of twenty-three knots and a maximum speed of up to twenty-nine knots.

Accessories and comforts.

Avon Tender Jet 320 80 hp.

Basic fishing equipment.

Basic diving equipment.


Seabob optional.

Bar of bar.

Flybridge with barbecue.

Air conditioning.

220V sockets and a ground of the same voltage.

Pressurized water system, hot water and windscreen wipers.

Bow thruster.

How safe is Abacus 61?

VHF radio, a GPS, radars, binoculars, map readers, tachometers, port guides, a list of marine maps, navigation compass, positioning lights and rudder angle indicator.

What equipment do you use on deck?

Bathing ladders.


Deck showers with hot and cold water capacity.

Teak deck.

Two boats: one auxiliary without motor and one auxiliary with motor.

Specialized fire extinguisher system.

Electric bilge pumps.

Life jackets.

Fog horns and radar reflectors.

Flashing lights.

First aid kit.

Emergency shots.

Interior equipment?

Gas burners, stove or stove. Oven, refrigerator, microwave, freezer, refrigerator, refrigerator and dishes.

Distribution of cabins.

Separate crew cabin.

Guest cabin.

Bow cabin.

Interior cockpit.

Control cabin.

Main saloon.

Table in the cabin.

Mattress for the sun.

you have  already known everything you need of this wonderful boat Abacus 61, now tell us, would you encourage you to take a vacation in it?

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