Abacus 61

Many of us love sailing. That’s why it’s no wonder that if we have the resources we want to get our own means of shipping, either buy it or rent it.

Therefore, this time we are going to talk about how renting Abacus 61 yacht, one of our best boats, because in Barracuda Ibiza we only have best models, at the most competitive prices and meet the highest standards of quality.

You should know about Abacus 61

What is Abacus 61 power yacht?

It is a yacht offered on our website and has the capacity to accommodate about 10 people. It is a luxury boat, which includes a second floor and the best of LED lighting.

What is this yacht for?

The Abacus 61 is very good for open sea, but you should be aware that you will only be able to store enough instruments, food and fuel to sail for no more than a week.

Number of cabins.

In the marine world of boats, rooms are called cabins. The main cabin has a King Size bed and has a flat screen TV with DVD included and a private bathroom.

The second room is a VIP cabin with a double bed with music devices and another bathroom. And the last cabin is double, with two single beds, with music devices and a common bathroom.

Key facts.

Its length is eighteen metres and 66 centimetres, its beam is exactly five metres and its year of creation is 2006. In addition, its engine type is 2 x CAT 1050 and 1 x Mase 75 kW.

On the other hand, its consumption is 250 liters per hour of navigation, reaching a cruising speed of twenty-three knots and a maximum speed of up to twenty-nine knots.

Accessories and comforts.

Avon Tender Jet 320 80 hp.

Basic fishing equipment.

Basic diving equipment.


Seabob optional.

Bar of bar.

Flybridge with barbecue.

Air conditioning.

220V sockets and a ground of the same voltage.

Pressurized water system, hot water and windscreen wipers.

Bow thruster.

How safe is Abacus 61?

VHF radio, a GPS, radars, binoculars, map readers, tachometers, port guides, a list of marine maps, navigation compass, positioning lights and rudder angle indicator.

What equipment do you use on deck?

Bathing ladders.


Deck showers with hot and cold water capacity.

Teak deck.

Two boats: one auxiliary without motor and one auxiliary with motor.

Specialized fire extinguisher system.

Electric bilge pumps.

Life jackets.

Fog horns and radar reflectors.

Flashing lights.

First aid kit.

Emergency shots.

Interior equipment?

Gas burners, stove or stove. Oven, refrigerator, microwave, freezer, refrigerator, refrigerator and dishes.

Distribution of cabins.

Separate crew cabin.

Guest cabin.

Bow cabin.

Interior cockpit.

Control cabin.

Main saloon.

Table in the cabin.

Mattress for the sun.

you have  already known everything you need of this wonderful boat Abacus 61, now tell us, would you encourage you to take a vacation in it?

Air Nautique, model SV 211 Team Edition, 2007

In barcos.online we offer all types of imported and second-hand boats, from Europe and the United States. With years in the market, we include in our catalog of accessories for boats, sailboats, yachts, and any other type of boat, which are in good condition and work perfectly.

If you have children and you hope that this holiday can take them on a trip, while they enjoy the sea, the boat Air Nautique, model SV 211 Team Edition, 2007, is your ideal choice. This boat had only 125 hours of use and has double battery, double amp.

Features of Air Nautique Model SV 211 Team Edition
When you buy this boat you will also take with you, for the same price, a double Axle trailer, which has rims and tyres. To top it off, the boat has wave brakes, 3 ballast tanks and has the ability to launch a compensating reed for perfect skiing.

The Air Nautique, model SV 211, has a swimming deck and bimini in perfect condition. You can also enjoy a tower and swivel and high quality speakers, useful to spend a pleasant time with your family or friends on the sea.

This boat can be yours for the unique and modest price of 47,250 euros. What are you waiting for? barcos.online puts at your fingertips the boat Air Nautique 211 Team Edition with a discount of 10%. Its original price was 52.500 euros. Buy it now!

Without a doubt, this boat is ideal for a person with a family and small children. In this boat you will enjoy pleasant moments and spend an unforgettable holiday.

Where to find it
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! The option to enjoy a perfect holiday on the sea is just a few clicks away. If you have any doubt or question of the process of purchase write us an email

Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S, 2010

On a daily basis, many people look for various types of boats to invest their money on their own. To make your job easier, http://www.barcos.online offers you more than 30,000 boats, yachts or sailboats on a website that is easy to access and use.

Among the boats we offer is the 2010 Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S. It is in perfect condition and has always been stored in a covered garage, which means that it has not suffered any consequences due to solar exposure.

Characteristics of Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S
It has a Yamaha low hours 55 lb Minn Kota V2 mounting drive motor, pilot arc and remote for co-pilot. In addition, it enjoys sufficient storage space due to its size.

If you are fond of fishing and are looking for a boat to do this activity, without doubt, the Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S, 2010, is your ideal choice. This is because it incorporates a screen capable of searching for fish in the sea, totally accurate and high technology.

The deck of the boat is made to measure and also covers the engine. So it will not suffer any damage due to rain or other external agents that may affect it.

If you are interested in this boat you can buy it for the price of 14,089.50 euros. In barcos.online we recommend you to take advantage of the great offer of 10%, on the contrary, the boat could cost you 15.655 euros.

Do not miss this opportunity, the yacht Alumacraft 165 Classic C.S is one of the newest boats available on our website (year 2010), is in perfect condition, is very well cared for and has no bumps or scratches. Also, due to its good maintenance, it looks practically like new. It is one of the few boats that has a technological screen.